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Build your brand on an elite-performing WordPress site without worrying about
complicated server setups or enterprise hosting fees. Here’s what WP60 gives you...

Free Draft Testing

Every WP60 site starts in a free "Draft" environment. Whether you’re migrating your existing site or creating a new one, you don’t pay a penny until you’re happy with how your site looks and performs.

Technical Awesomeness

We spent years mastering the #1 server configuration for fast, scalable Wordpress sites, so it doesn’t matter if you have one or one million visitors – your WP60 site always loads quickly.

Free Migration

Migrating from another host?
We will be happy to move over your blog or website,
free of charge!

One-Click Website Creation

Creating a new website is as simple as clicking “New Website”. Seriously, that’s all you have to do.

One-Click Wordpress Login

Quickly auto-login to your WordPress site with only one click from the WP60 dashboard.

Daily Backups

WP60 automatically creates a daily backup of your site so you will never lose your information.


Your WP60 site is built with industry leading protection from hackers and malicious traffic.

SSL Encryption

Free built-in SSL encryption lets visitors securely log in and make purchases on your website.

Pre-loaded Features & Designs

Choose from “Recipes” – pre-loaded bundles of plugins and designs that instantly prepare your site to do what you need it to do.

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  • Free Testing Environment

    Create free draft websites to test your ideas before paying!
    Draft websites are included in every WP60 account.

  • Professional Support

    You’re supported by the same team that built WP60 so don’t
    panic, you’re in really great hands!

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