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Free Sandbox Testing Environment

Every WP60 site starts in a free “sandbox” environment. Whether you’re migrating your existing site or creating a new one, you don’t pay a penny until you’re happy with how your site looks and performs.

Technical Awesomeness

We spent years mastering the #1 server configuration for fast, scalable Wordpress sites, so it doesn’t matter if you have one or one million visitors – your WP60 site always loads quickly.

Professional Support

Your questions, feedback, and special requests are handled by the same experts who created the WP60 platform, so it’s safe to say you’ll be in totally good hands while using our hosting services.

One-Click Website Creation

Creating a new website is as simple as clicking “New Website”. Seriously, that’s all you have to do.

One-Click Wordpress Login

Quickly auto-login to your WordPress site with only one click from the WP60 dashboard.

Daily Backups

WP60 automatically creates a daily backup of your site so you will never lose your information.


Your WP60 site is built with industry leading protection from hackers and malicious traffic.

SSL Encryption

Free built-in SSL encryption lets visitors securely log in and make purchases on your website.

Pre-loaded Features & Designs

Choose from “Recipes” – pre-loaded bundles of plugins and designs that instantly prepare your site to do what you need it to do.